Spring MVC Checkbox Tag Example

In this example we will see different ways of using spring mvc checkbox tag.
You can either use <form:checkbox path="<somevariableName>" /> or
<form:checkboxes path="<somevariableName>" items="<someListName>" /> based on your requirements.

Spring MVC Checkbox Tag can be implemented using 4 different ways

1. Using a boolean variable

2. Using a hard-coded list at Client Side

3. Using a dynamic list from Server Side

4. Using a dynamic Map from Server Side (Defining label and value)

Using a map or a user defined object can be useful when you want to differentiate between the data displayed to the user and data passed back to the server.

Spring MVC Checkbox Tag – Complete Example

We have create a complete example using all the possible ways of implementing the checkbox/checkboxes in spring

1. Create a  Model class


2. Create a Controller Class that will pass data and the model to the view


3. Create View to show the checkboxes to the user.


4. Create a success page to show the data selected by user



Spring MVC Checkbox tag

After Selecting some values you will see the output

Spring MVC Checkbox Tag


Note that the values selected for the Social Profiles are the Key’s that we had passed in the Map from Server Side.

Download the Source Code : – SpringMVC-CheckBoxTagExample.zip

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